We are a factory producing 3mmc, 4cmc and 3cmc.
We present the highest quality products. Available in large quantities.
We ship by courier from Europe. All products are legal in the Netherlands.
If you want to do a wholesale order over 1kg write to us.
Our prices are the best on the market.We guarantee 100% delivery.Successful shopping!!!


5g+ 55€
50g+ 360€
250g+ 1000€
1000g+ 3200€

3cmc BIG

5g+ 45€
50g+ 180€
250g+ 750€
1000g+ 2600€

4cmc glass

5g+ 45€
50g+ 180€
250g+ 750€
1000g+ 2600€


We invite everyone to wholesale orders 1-100kg. More information on e-mail.

Dear customer!!! All order from 5g.Please check quality product:!!!Go with us:) *only order to Poland from 100g.

We add Hexen !!!Please check!!!The best quality.

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